Your Dentist In Clayton Wants You To Save That Tooth!

Are you prepared in case of a dental emergency such as having a tooth knocked out? As your dentists serving the Clayton, Dayton and Englewood areas, Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli would like to do their part to help you save that tooth.

No one plans to have a dental emergency, but accidents do happen. What we can plan for is how we will respond if such an emergency occurs. Knowing what to do can make the difference between saving and losing the tooth. What should be done if a tooth is knocked out?

1. Act quickly- The success of re-implantation of the tooth is much higher the sooner we are at the dentist. The best success rate is if the tooth can be put back in place by your dentist within the first 30 minutes of being knocked out. DO NOT throw the tooth away.

2. Know what to do- Stay as calm as possible and call your dentist to tell him you are on your way. Hold the tooth by the crown and gently rinse off the root with lukewarm water. DO NOT scrub any attached tissue fragments. If possible, gently insert the tooth back in place and hold it there by biting down on a clean tissue or gauze. This will also help stop any bleeding from the lost tooth.

3. Know Plan “B”- If you are unable to to put the tooth back in its place, or if there is concern that the tooth might be swallowed, put it in a cup of cold milk and get to the dentist ASAP.

Even if a longer time has elapsed, it is still best to go to the dentist and let him decide what to do. In any dental situation, from questions about dental procedures, to caring for tooth emergencies, feel free to contact Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli, serving your dentist in the Clayton, Dayton and Englewood areas. Doing so can save your teeth.