Sedation Dentistry

Dental Sedation Options in Englewood

Laughing Gas in Englewood, OH and ClaytonHave you ever avoided going to the dentist because you were concerned about discomfort during a procedure?

Our sedation dentistry dentists, Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli, empathize with you. We have seen many first-time patients who decided to put off visiting the dentist out of a fear of pain.

However, thanks to the advent of sedation dentistry, Drs. Nick and Lou want to reassure you that you no longer have to undergo any uncomfortable procedures to maintain optimum oral health when you visit us in Englewood. Sedation dentistry can help you relax for your dental treatment.

We offer two sedation dentistry treatments: oral conscious sedation and laughing gas.

“I have nothing but good things to say. I have an extreme phobia of dental visits of any kind. I recently had to have two teeth extracted with sedation. Every aspect of the procedure and process were thoroughly explained and for me personally, the sedation was a godsend. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”
– Pam S

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you are apprehensive about dentistry, oral conscious sedation offers several major advantages:

  • Restful Comfort — Oral conscious sedation replaces stress and anxiety with comfort and relaxation.
  • Greater Productivity — Oral conscious sedation allows us to perform multiple procedures during a single visit.
  • Improved Oral Health — With your fear gone, nothing prevents you from accomplishing the beautiful smile you desire and deserve.

If you are putting off necessary dental work, we encourage you to call Drs. Nick and Lou Vitangeli to experience the incredible advantage of sedation dentistry at our office in Englewood, OH.

Lauging Gas

For those who struggle with fears about visiting the dentist, laughing gas is a time-tested form of dental sedation.

Many of our patients opt to complete more than one procedure while under dental sedation–like multiple fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns and implants.

Laughing gas is inhaled through a tube; it has no scent and is a very low-risk dental sedation method.

Laughing Gas in Trotwood and ClaytonBefore your procedure, Dr. Nick or Lou will sit down with you and explain the entire process, giving you the necessary preparative instructions.

The process is so simple and easy: visit our office, take a sedative pill or inhale the laughing gas, relax in one of our dental chairs, have your procedures and leave.

To ensure your safety after you become completely relaxed, we constantly monitor your oxygen saturation and blood pressure with a pulse oximeter.

One of the biggest bonuses of using dental sedation is temporary amnesia, meaning that you’ll remember next to nothing about your procedure(s).

Dentistry has never been this easy. Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli would love to explain the advantages of sedation dentistry–both oral conscious sedation and laughing gas. We encourage you to call us and learn more. We work with patients all over the Englewood area, including Trotwood and Clayton, so don’t wait!