Vitangeli Dentist in Englewood Ohio

For all of your cosmetic and general dentistry needs, you should be able to turn to one reliable dentist. Englewood, Ohio patients can visit Vitangeli Smiles, where there is not one, but two incredible dentists. Englewood, Ohio is a great place to be if you want a smile that’s healthier and more appealing. Here at Vitangeli Smiles, we provide state-of-the-art technology and services to give you the smile that you’ve been dreaming about.

dentist in Englewood Ohio
Cosmetic Dentistry | Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Englewood, Ohio? Are you hoping to correct imperfections and create a stunning white smile? At Vitangeli Smiles, we provide beautiful porcelain veneers, efficient adult orthodontics, and complete smile design. Our cosmetic dentists in Englewood, Ohio can quickly provide you with a memorable smile that will last a lifetime.
Englewood Ohio dentist
Dental Implants | If you are missing teeth, your best option is to find an amazing implant dentist. Englewood, Ohio is home to two dentists who can complete your smile with true-to-life dental implants. Dental implants can fill all of the gaps in your smile with teeth that look and feel just like natural teeth. The Vitangeli dentists in Englewood, Ohio can provide you with replacement teeth that are secure, comfortable, and easy to care for.
dentists in Englewood Ohio
Sedation Dentistry | If you are interested in an anxiety-free dental experience, you may want to see one of our Vitangeli dentists. Englewood, Ohio patients can completely relax during every visit by taking advantage of our sedation dentistry services. We provide oral conscious sedation or laughing gas to maximize your comfort.
dentist in Englewood Ohio
General Dentistry | Do you have a dentist in Englewood, Ohio who strives to help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease? Our doctors are dedicated to using sealants, check-ups, and cleanings to prevent decay, disease, and expensive dental work. You can also have work like extractions and tooth-colored fillings done by our dentists. Englewood Ohio residents deserve personalized and careful general dental work.

If you are searching for a convenient location and a compassionate dentist, Englewood, Ohio is a great place to be. The Vitangeli Smiles dentists in Englewood, Ohio truly care about the health and happiness of their patients, and they do all they can to give them smiles that they can be proud of.

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