Dental Implants Change Lives

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Many people have experienced an improvement in self-confidence by restoring missing teeth with a dental implant from Vitangeli Dental in Englewood. Nothing gives us more joy than helping our patients improve their quality of life. With a new smile, they feel better about themselves. They feel more comfortable in public. They socialize more often. If […]

Soft, Medium, Or Buzz Lightyear?

Affordable Dentistry in Englewood

At Vitangeli Dental in Englewood OH, we are often asked how to choose the most basic tool of oral hygiene, the humble toothbrush. Our answer? Picking a toothbrush can be as difficult as choosing a paint color, and there seems to be just as many choices. If you have visited the dental section of the […]

Dental Problem? There Is Always A Solution!

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There is no doubt that a healthy, pleasing smile positively influences one’s life. It lets us convey confidence and friendliness in business and social settings. A beautiful healthy smile also influences our personal relationships. When we smile, we appear (and feel!) younger and more attractive. Research has shown that smiling also helps reduce stress, increase […]

Affordable Dentistry In Englewood

A perceived lack of affordable dentistry in Dayton is one of the biggest reasons many people in our community avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available in Englewood at Vitangeli. We provide top-quality services at competitive prices. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or dental implants, we […]

Englewood’s Own Noteworthy Dental Experience

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When Drs. Lou and Nick Vitangeli walks into the room, you typically feel the atmosphere kick up a notch. Here at Vitangeli we see patients for anything from fillings to cosmetic and restorative dentistry to cleaning requests. Having your teeth cleaned can be just as critical as addressing cavities and taking care of cosmetic and […]