Our Dentistry Offers Clayton: Earliest Cavity Detection

Do you wish a wand could wave over you and detect all your potentially problematic areas? Our dentistry practice for Clayton, OH is almost there when it comes to early detection and your teeth.

Drs. Vitangeli offer cutting-edge technology because your teeth are precious and deserve the best treatment there is. Doesn’t it make sense to detect and eliminate tooth decay before it causes more than a speck of damage?

Our practice has invested in equipment that goes beyond the conventional methods of simple manual probing and radiographic (x-ray) evaluation. Those methods can be effective in revealing advanced stages of decay, but unsuccessful in detecting enamel defects that lead to future decay.

Using a DIAGNOdent laser, it is now possible to detect the presence of occlusal decay and properly treat the tooth structure at this early stage, or to determine whether to monitor suspect areas over time and treat them with preventative therapies. Such early recognition of problematic areas allows minimally invasive dental techniques to be utilized.

How does the DIAGNOdent laser work? It measures “fluorescence” within the tooth structure. As the laser light is directed into a site, optics allows the unit to instantly read the reflected laser light energy. On a clean, healthy tooth for example, it would exhibit little or no “fluorescence” feedback, resulting in very low scale readings on the display. However, an unhealthy tooth would reflect back light proportionate to the degree of damage, resulting in an elevated reading.

With a detection statistic that boasts more than a 90% accuracy rate for detecting early “caries” that lead to cavities, you can be confident you’re receiving the most advanced and quality dentistry care that Clayton residents could hope for! Consult us today to find out how your smile can stay a healthy one!