Does Your Dentist Conjure Up Cavities?

prevent cavities Englewood

Cavities can be filled, but it is better to prevent cavities in the first place. If your dentist seems to conjure up cavities at every visit, then it’s up to you to break the cycle. But we are here to help you. Let’s work together. How can you lift the cavity curse? Schedule a preventative […]

Dental Sealant Q & A

dental sealants Englewood

Q. What are dental sealants? A. Dental sealants are permanent plastic barriers applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. They prevent cavities by filling in the grooves and fissures where food particles are particularly difficult to remove. Most Dayton dentists and family dentists offer sealants to their patients. A. Do sealants significantly reduce tooth decay? […]

Sit back and relax, your Clayton area dentists will take care of you

Family Dentistry Dayton

Are you looking for a family-friendly dentist? Do you want to be under the care of someone with the latest technology? If you have answered “yes,” then Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli are the dentists for you! They offer the best family dentistry near Dayton with their advanced, modern technology. Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli […]