Beware Of An Acidic Diet

Dayton tooth strengthening

You might not think of a tooth as a body part that fluctuates in strength. Our teeth seem to have a steady hardness and dependably grind food whenever we need them. However, teeth are dynamic organisms with chemical processes that occur continually. The protective enamel covering the softer interior is made of minerals. Enamel demineralizes […]

The Gift Of Oral Health

The Gift Of Oral Health In Dayton

Many dental patients may wonder why, with all the advances in dental medicine, we still send you home with a complimentary toothbrush and roll of floss. It’s true, they do seem a little old-fashioned in our high-tech world, but don’t let their simple design fool you. These tools are the best bet to prevent tooth […]

A Dentist’s Indispensable Tool

Clayton cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Providing quality dental care is much easier for dentists when they have extensive, comprehensive information about their patients’ oral health – and pictures are far more accurate than written notes. To go a step further: pictures illustrating what’s going on below the visible surface of your teeth and gums are worth even more than a […]

Trust Drs. Vitangeli For Accurate Dental Info

Englewood family dentistry

Dental patients are more informed than ever before and it’s not surprising that much of their knowledge about oral health and dental treatment is gleaned from online sources. Proactive self-education can be beneficial for you and your family, especially if it assists in living a healthy lifestyle. We caution our friends and neighbors in the […]

Oral Health For Englewood Diabetics

Oral Health For Dayton Diabetics

Today’s dental article is entitled ‘Oral Health For Dayton Diabetics.’ Many people with diabetes have dental problems. However, gum disease, tooth loss, and periodontal disease are not unavoidable. Blood sugar is the complicating factor. Dayton diabetics who control their blood sugar have lower rates of dental problems. In fact, many Dayton dentists have noticed no […]