Back-to-School Special Time for Dentist of Dayton–Why?

Let your dentist for Dayton send your kids back to school with healthy smilesFreshly sharpened crayons, spotless sneakers, reuniting with classmates…your dentist for Dayton remembers fondly how a new school year can add bounce to a child’s step and a smile to their face.

Pause a moment to consider if as a parent you’ve checked-off all the essentials in the Back-to-School routine; your children won’t always remind you.

Think about it, after a summer of camping, eating marshmallows before bedtime, enjoying sleepovers and not waking to reminders of “brush your teeth before you leave for school!”–the dental effects left in your child’s mouth will probably tell the story.

Missed or sloppy brushing easily leads to cavities. Cavities grow if not repaired. Untreated they can lead to toothaches and premature tooth loss. As a loving parent, not only do you want to protect your child from pain, but something else as well.

A recent study indicated children who reported having recent tooth pain were four times more likely to have a low grade point average — below the median GPA of 2.8 — when compared to children without oral pain!

As an adult, you recognize how difficult it is to concentrate if you feel physical discomfort in your mouth. So imagine your child in such a situation, perhaps without having yet developed the communication skills to enable them pinpointing the cause of their agitation.

Drs. Vitangeli highly recommends Back-to-School check-ups and cleaning appointments–it’ll help keep your child’s smile a lastingly happy and healthy one. Visit our website now and acquaint yourself with just the dentist your Dayton family needs!