A Beautiful Smile to Last a Lifetime!

In a previous post, we discussed how your friendly Englewood dentists Dr. Louis and Dr. Dominic Vitangeli help their patients love their smiles utilizing advanced training and experience. Now let’s discuss how you can maintain the beauty and function of your smile throughout your lifetime.

Our caring doctors and staff are dedicated to helping our patients achieve and maintain optimum dental health. We realize that a gorgeous, white smile must be supported by healthy bone and tissues. This is why we emphasize to our patients the importance of proper dental hygiene care. Keys to excellent preventive dental care are:

  • Regular dental cleanings and oral screening.
  • Effective tooth brushing at least twice daily.
  • Daily flossing using proper technique.
  • A dental-friendly diet.

Not only can our expert hygiene staff gently, thoroughly clean your teeth, but they are ready to educate you on proper at home dental care. Advances in dental technology allow our doctors to screen for decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancers.

We are passionate about creating gorgeous smiles worthy of our exceptional patients, but also recognize that preventive dental care is the backbone of our practice. Contact our office today!