4 Ways That Tooth Decay Hurts Children—Dayton Dental Care

Dayton Dental Some parents reason that caring for children’s teeth isn’t that important when they’re young because the baby teeth are only temporary. Dayton area dental experts Drs. Louis & Dominic Vitangeli want to set the matter straight by helping parents to see the dangers of taking a lackadaisical attitude in protecting the oral health of their children. Some of the negative impacts associated with tooth decay and gum disease are:

1. Premature Loss of Baby Teeth—Missing teeth can result in the inability to break food down properly and improper nutrition. Spaces from lost teeth can also lead to shifting of neighboring teeth, negatively impacting the ability of adult teeth to emerge.

2. General Health—Tooth decay can lead to infection resulting in loss of sleep, severe pain, irritability, attention deficit, and damage to their emotional health.

3. Over-all Costs—Decay can lead to more frequent dental visits, doctor visits, and sick days experienced by the child. This can add unnecessary additional strains on a parent’s time, energy and finances.

4. Developing Habits—Children raised with little value placed on practicing good oral health are less likely to change their views once they’ve grown older.

Teaching children to care for their teeth and gums should be instilled at an early age. This includes appreciating the value of regularly visiting the dentist for education, exams and professional cleanings. Contact Drs. Louis & Dominic Vitangeli today. Your Dayton area dental professionals can assist you in giving your children good oral health, a gift that will last them a lifetime.