TMD / TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment for Englewood, OH

TMD / TMJ headaches and Treatments in Englewood OHIf you grind your teeth or endure chronic headaches along with facial pain, you should understand the TMJ.

Englewood, OH dentists Drs. Dominic and Louis Vitangeli can provide non-invasive relief from for this complex jaw joint, the TMJ and the accompanying headaches.

When the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) becomes misaligned, painful symptoms arise. This condition is referred to as TMD: temporomandibular joint disorder.

Look out for any of these TMD symptoms:

  • If you experience clicking or popping of your jaw joint–your TMJ–this could signal TMD.
  • If you suffer from uncomfortable chewing, this could mean you have TMD.
  • If you have constant headaches or migraines, it may signal you need TMJ treatment.
  • If you have muscle pain in the face, neck or upper back, this may mean you need to seek TMJ treatment.
  • Tingling fingertips may mean trouble with your TMJ that requires TMD treatment.
  • If you have ringing in the ears or pain in your jaw and ears, this could mean you need TMJ treatment.
  • Dizziness can also indicate TMD.

TMJ / TMD headaches and Treatments in DaytonIf this sounds familiar, we invite you to come in for a Dayton area TMJ consultation.

Our prescribed treatment is a TMD mouthguard that keeps you from grinding your teeth and experiencing other unpleasant, painful TMD symptoms. The custom-made mouthguard is comfortable to wear and you may find that even wearing it a short time brings amazing, lasting results.

The TMD mouthguard is a non-invasive, effective treatment that can make the TMD headaches in Dayton and Englewood, OH disappear forever!

You may find that not only your headaches are gone, but your teeth may not feel so painful or sensitive and without any toothaches. You may even feel less stress and sleep better. TMJ relief from Drs. Vitangeli may be very simple.

We are here to offer you real–often immediate–relief. Ask about it today–call for your consultation now for TMD and TMJ treatments in Dayton and Englewood, OH .