“Zoom!” Your Way to a Whiter Smile, Dayton, with Cosmetic Dentistry!

Dayton Cosmetic Dentistry Brush and floss all you want; teeth will still yellow. This doesn’t mean hygiene habits are pointless, but does indicate how residents of Dayton benefit from cosmetic dentistry!

The natural process of teeth losing their bright white appearance can be accelerated if a person smokes, drinks coffee, or takes in food with high dye content on a regular basis. The spectacular news is that this Vitangeli father-son dental team is staying abreast of the latest in dental technology and training to reverse the teeth-staining effects of your lifestyle by returning your teeth to a more vibrant shade of white!

What is most convenient for you? Is it a specially selected take-home whitening kit with specific instructions, or an in-office whitening procedure? Whatever your choice, at the clinic of Drs. Louis & Dominic Vitangeli we have what you need to recapture that youthful smile!

A popular choice for professional teeth whitening is the Zoom! method. Why do we find this procedure so effective?

The Zoom! in-office system consists of a mixture of gel and special light wave treatments. After a retractor separates the lips from the teeth, a special gel is applied to all exterior faces of the teeth while avoiding contact with the gums. Once this application is uniform, our dentist can direct a specifically designed bright light, producing a chemical reaction that leads to exceptional teeth whitening.

Learn more about this and other professional whitening options available now at the Vitangeli dental clinic, as well as the latest in Laser Dentistry for improving the condition and appearance of your gums! Residents of Dayton, experience cosmetic dentistry at its best!