Stay Socially Connected With Your Local Dentists

Dentist ClaytonIf you’re experiencing tooth guilt from indulging in holiday feasts, dentist near Clayton, Dr. Louis Vitangeli and his son Dr. Dominic Vitangeli can take the guilt away with their advanced dentistry skills to enhance your smile’s health and beauty. In fact, interacting with your dentists goes beyond your normal dental visits. You can stay connected with Drs. Louis and Dominic Vitangeli through social media.

Whether you need dental advice or want to participate in the latest promotions, you can stay up-to-date with the doctors’ dental news, practice information, community events, and promotions. Stay active with Drs. Vitangeli through:

The biggest compliment you can provide for your doctors is writing an online review explaining your experience at their practice. If you have the time, leave Drs. Vitangeli a Google+ review highlighting your experience at your favorite dental office. Why are online reviews important? Drs. Vitangeli and their team deeply cares about the Sunnyvale and Saratoga community, and firmly believes everyone deserves to live with a beautiful smile. Their combined experience and advanced techniques can enrich people’s lives, but they need your help to lead new patients to their doorstep.

Stay connected with Drs. Vitangeli outside the dental office through social media and writing a review! Have you walked in their beautiful office? Comment below and share your stories with Drs. Vitangeli!