Options for Dayton: Dental Implants or Dentures Supported by Implants?

Dayton Dental Implants It’s a sad day. Your natural teeth are no more, your facial structure appears in a state of collapse, but don’t despair Dayton! Dental implants by Drs. Vitangeli will replenish those hollow voids with something beautiful and worth smiling about!

Dental Implants: For those who’ve already embraced this exciting progression in dentistry, they swear implants are like having back their natural teeth! Because an artificial root system is installed (using a titanium post that grafts to your jawbone), your facial structure will be preserved and your implant is stable. This solid foundation allows a crown to be attached that looks and behaves exactly as a natural tooth. Eat and smile with confidence because you now have permanent teeth that probably look better than your own ever did!

Dentures Supported by Implants: For those who still choose the route of dentures, there’s an option you might not have considered. For decades, the lower jaw denture has had the reputation of not holding a secure fit. Unfortunately, each time the denture shifts the risk of tissue damage, pain, and infection increases. Not to mention awkward moments like when you’re literally scared to eat the corn on the cob your daughter-in-law just put on your plate. The good news is that with just a few implants, that lower denture nightmare can be avoided. Using the implants as an anchor, Drs. Vitangeli can fashion it so your denture stays firmly in place.

Consult our clinic today to discover more about the fantastic options open to Dayton, like dental implants and implant-supported dentures.