Love Your Smile by “Bonding” with Your Dayton Area Cosmetic Dentist

Love Your Smile by "Bonding" with Your Dayton Area Cosmetic DentistEnhancing a smile need not require painful procedures, multiple dental visits, or a significant expense. For grins requiring an up-grade in smile-ability, your elite Dayton area cosmetic dentist provides a tremendously popular and effective solution in cosmetic bonding.

What makes bonding such a fan-favorite among patients of Drs. Lou and Nick Vitangeli?

  • It can be used for a variety of enhancements, including repairing chipped or worn teeth, addressing misshapen teeth, and filling in gaps between pearly whites.
  • Bonding is effective in whitening stain-resistant teeth (including tetracycline stains) that don’t respond sufficiently enough to teeth whitening procedures.
  • No needles, drilling, or anesthetics required.
  • The entire bonding procedure from start to finish can often be completed in a single dental visit to Drs. Vitangeli.
  • Bonding is more economical than other dental options.

The option of bonding alleviates many of the concerns that hold patients back from pursuing the help necessary to give their smiles that all-important boost. Laugh with a smile that you love by “bonding” with your top-of-the-line Dayton area cosmetic dentist today. By being effective, efficient and economical, bonding gives you many reasons to keep flashing your gorgeous smile.