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If you or a family member has anxiety about dental visits, then sedation from Vitangeli Dental in Englewood OH may be just what you need.

Rest assured, you are not alone: millions of Americans stress out when it comes to dental appointments. It is known as dental anxiety. There is a more severe form, too, called dental phobia. In both, some people would rather skip the dentist altogether than sit down for a checkup. The problem with that, of course, is it puts their dental health at risk.

There are lots of reasons why people develop anxiety or phobia over dental care. It often stems from a bad experience they had with a dentist as a kid. Fear of pain may be involved, as well as a fear of anesthesics and possible side effects.

Whatever the cause, sedation dentistry has helped millions of people get through their appointments.

We offer two types:

  • Nitrous Oxide. You also know this as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry for more than a century and is highly effective.
  • Oral conscious sedation. You take a sedative an hour or so before the appointment. You won’t sleep, but will be in a deeply relaxed state. When the appointment is over, someone will have to drive you home.

Remember, it is critical that you do not compromise your dental health by skipping the dentist. Sedation dentistry from Vitangeli Dental in Englewood OH has helped patients throughout Clayton, Union, and Vandalla. Our services include complete general dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

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