Invisalign: Better Choice than Braces–Cosmetic Dentist near Dayton

Cosmetic Dentist DaytonIf you are a teenager or an adult with crowded, rotated or misaligned teeth, your cosmetic dentist for Dayton area residents now provides a high-tech solution to alleviate those problems. That option is Invisalign.

Drs. Nick and Louis Vitangeli have helped numerous happy patients by means of this modern orthodontic procedure. If you are considering getting the standard metal braces, first consider the benefits of Invisalign and how it proves superior to traditional braces in virtually every way.

Metal braces can take two or more long years for the completion of the teeth straightening process. Invisalign achieves the same results much faster, averaging completion time within only 6-12 months.

It is virtually impossible to hide the fact that you are wearing metal braces, and this can cause self-consciousness on behalf of the patient. Invisalign is the opposite in this regard. It aligns your teeth virtually invisibly by using transparent plastic aligners that do not draw attention to your teeth and the fact that you are having them straightened.

Metal braces can be painful, and involves metal brackets and wires that need tightening. Invisalign once again proves superior in this regard. It involves plastic aligner trays that simply slip over the teeth, and that are replaced every 2 weeks or so as the teeth are getting straighter. Also beneficial is the fact that the Invisalign aligners can be removed during eating, brushing and flossing, as opposed to traditional braces that stay attached the whole time.

Invisalign is clearly the superior choice for modern day teeth straightening and attaining the smile and oral health that you desire. Your cosmetic dentist near Dayton can help you achieve that goal quickly, comfortably and virtually invisibly. Contact Drs. Nick and Louis Vitangeli today to get that perfect smile started.