Give Your Teeth Some Love

Cosmetic Dentist Dayton “I hate my teeth!” Our cosmetic dentist serving Dayton has heard it expressed countless times by walk-in clientele. Whether it is jagged edges, dissimilar sizing, permanent discoloration or other issues, Drs. Vitangeli will bring to you solutions that leave you with a smile.

For example, porcelain veneers are able to alter the shape, color, and size of teeth, without painful or time-consuming procedures. In some cases, they even provide an alternative to lengthy orthodontic treatments.

Just what are dental veneers? Put simply, wafer-thin shells of tooth-colored material are “cemented” to the front surface of a tooth to improve its cosmetic appearance. Perhaps you’ve noticed how acrylic nails (despite their thinness) can add uniformity and refinement to a woman’s hand. Dental veneers act in much the same manner to bring stunning and dramatic improvements to your natural teeth by covering over characteristics you find displeasing.

The most popular choice of veneer is porcelain due to its strength when compared to its composite counterpart. Too, porcelain veneers are less prone to staining and offer a more natural, translucent-looking appearance than those made of composite.

Consult Drs. Vitangeli today to learn how their expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry has benefited Dayton residents. Those who once cringed at their reflection are now dazzling the world with a beautiful smile!