Changing Lives with Give Kids a Smile Program

Childhood is a period of life that ideally lends itself to education, tremendous growth, and a good share of laughing and smiling.

Suffering from pain associated with tooth decay and infection, though, can put a real damper on the joys of being young. Unfortunately, for some low-income families, access to basic dental care for both parents and children alike can seem hopelessly out of reach.

Therefore, in 2003, the American Dental Association (ADA) started the Give Kids a Smile Program (GKAS) so that ADA members could collaborate with other willing members in the community to provide vital dental services to children in need.

Give Kids a Smile Program

Initially starting as a one-day-event in February 2003, GKAS has since grown to a number of similar events that occur throughout the year. In fact, each year, around 450,000 under-served children benefit from over 1500 events, aided by the efforts of some 40,000 volunteers. This makes it the nation’s largest proactive approach to help children from low income families with their dental needs.

Those assisting include numerous dental students, dentists, as well as other community volunteers and team members. By volunteering their expertise, time, and services, they’re able to provide much needed screenings, treatment, and education to children throughout the entire country.

First Friday in February

Each year, the first Friday in February is designated as Give Kids a Smile Day, and this year is especially noteworthy as it marks the 10 year anniversary of this event. On Feb 1, 2013, the event will be celebrated by 300+ participating volunteers who will gather at the University of Louisville, Kentucky to provide some 300 local children with much needed comprehensive dental care.

Such events can have a huge impact on improving the quality of life for these children, and provide them with a legitimate reason to smile proudly. We proudly applaud the thousands who have volunteered to make those healthy smiles a reality.

Helping your children to maintain healthy teeth and gums is an important factor that affects their overall well-being that carries over into adulthood. Promote good oral hygiene, eating healthy, and regular dental visits with your dentist in Englewood encourages healthy, happy smiles that can last a lifetime.

Share what you do to make it fun for your kids to keep their smiles healthy.