Acid Reflux Pointers on Protecting Teeth–by Cosmetic Dentist for Dayton

Cosmetic Dentist DaytonYikes! Have you been diagnosed with acid reflux? Dr. Vitangeli, a cosmetic dentist for Dayton, knows when the esophagus muscle weakens and allows stomach acid to rise higher than it should, it can also negatively impact teeth. What does this acid do?

Normally the pH level for your teeth is 5.5, relatively neutral on the pH scale. But the acid in your stomach ranges around 2.0, meaning if you get persistent heartburn, vomiting or a lingering bitter taste in your mouth, most likely stomach acid has been coming in contact with your tooth enamel and eroding its hard surfaces! What can be done?

If you have a bitter taste in your mouth, your first inclination may be to brush your teeth immediately. However, brushing at that point may only cause further enamel erosion in its softened state. Try first to neutralize the acid by vigorously swishing with water and waiting about 20 minutes before brushing. How do you know if lasting dental damage has occurred?

Do you have sensitive and/or darkening teeth or sharper edges to your teeth than in the past?

Contact cosmetic dentist for Dayton, Dr. Vitangeli, and learn what treatments will minimize the damaging effects of acid reflux! Let your smile remain a happy and protected one!