4 Oral Ailments To Discuss With Your Dentist

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This article is about some of the most frequent conditions that should be discussed with us, at Vitangeli Dental in Englewood OH.

There is a solution for each one of these issues.

  • Tooth Decay. This is easily the most common dental problem. Tooth decay (cavities) occurs when plaque combines with the sugars and/or starches in food to produce acids that attack tooth enamel. We can always do a drill-and-fill, but prevention via regular brushing and flossing is best.
  • Dry Mouth. Also known as xerostomia, this lack of saliva is very bothersome and can predispose you to a host of dilemmas such as decay and gum disease. It’s a common side effect of prescription medications, so make sure to bring a list of current prescriptions with you to your appointment.
  • Jaw Issues. If you suffer from jaw pain or notice a clicking sound, be sure to schedule an appointment with us immediately. These symptoms can be signs of a condition called temporomandibular disorder, or TMD.
  • Teeth Grinding. If you’ve been stressed out and find that you’ve been grinding your teeth, discuss it with us. An oral appliance can make all the difference.

At Vitangeli Dental in Englewood OH, the dental health of our patients is always our top priority. Patients from Clayton, Union, and Vandalla come to our office for general and cosmetic dentistry, and much more. Please call to schedule your next cleaning and checkup with us today!

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