VIP Wellness Plan

Savings From Your Dentist

Our Practice is pleased to offer to all our Non-Insured patients our

“Wellness Plan”

Your VIP Status provides you with the following:


  • 2 Standard Cleanings / year
  • 2 Examinations / year
  • All Necessary X-Rays
  • Fluoride Treatment (1 Per Adult, 2 Per Child Each Year)
  • 20% Discount on all Other Dental treatments During the Enrollment Period

(Excludes all Products)

Cost of Wellness Plan

Easy Annual Enrollment


Annual dues are required to be paid annually and are due at enrollment and will NOT automatically renew unless the patient requests.

Patients with an active embership will be notified one(1) month prior to the plans expiration date for renewal

The two cleanings per year must be scheduled within the enrolled year or the entitlement will be forfeited.
Should a member move without using the plans benefits, the entitlement cannot be transferred or used as an additional cleaning within the enrolled year.

VIP Wellness Plan

Periodontal Maintenance Advantage: $559

  • 2 Periodontal Maintenance Visits / year
  • Exam & X-Rays

Periodontal Therapy May Be Necessary Before Entering in this Maintenance Plan. These Services are Eligible for the 20% VIP Savings.

Children (under 14 years)

  • With an Enrolled Adult $299 / year
  • Without an Enrolled Adult $349 / year

Being enrolled in our Wellness Plan will assist you in getting the dental services you need and deserve

Please inquire about this plan by calling our office 937-836-3565.